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1. ReproSURE is a blood test comprised of AMH, FSH and Estradiol hormones designed to provide information about ovarian reserve.


2. While no laboratory test can predict pregnancy, these ovarian reserve tests assess oocyte quantity and help predict ovarian response to stimulation in order to individualize fertility options including assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatment.


3. Correct timing of blood collection is important. Serum specimen for ReproSURE testing should be collected on day 3 of your menstrual cycle. Day 2 or 4 collection may also be acceptable. FSH and estradiol levels rise and fluctuate after cycle day 3. If FSH and estradiol levels are higher than expected, you may wish to verify the cycle day of the blood collection.


Why order this test? 

  • Are you over 35?

About 20 percent of women in the U.S. have their first child after age 35.

  • Looking to freeze your eggs?

An AMH test is the best measure of ovarian reserve to help women make decisions regarding IVF and egg preservation (egg freezing) treatments.

  • Curious about PCOS?

In the same way that an AMH test can help predict the likelihood of a successful IVF procedure, it can help detect PCOS in women who may not have obvious signs of the syndrome.⁵



Women's Fertility Ovarian Reserve Test (ReproSURE)

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  • Email to coordinate testing. If you order this test without coordination of testing, iHLTH's refund policy applies to this and any purchase.

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